You wake in a small coastal town, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, slip on your sandals and head down for your daily espresso. You quickly check your email, making sure your assistant hasn’t sent over anything needing your immediate attention, before heading out to your morning surf lesson. Your determined to stand up on that board today, come hell or high water. You quickly stop at a stand near the beach with a local woman’s jewelry on display. You love the colors and craftsmanship and buy a few pieces for friends back home, feeling great that you were able to support another female entrepreneur in the local community. As you make your way down the sand to the group waiting for the surf lesson to start, you can’t help but feel the surge of excitement for where you are in that very moment.

Whether you’re backpacking through the mountains, zip-lining through the jungle or simply lounging on the pure white sands of an exotic beach, travel is the number one trait of a successful entrepreneur in the ever-expanding global economy.

Why travel?

Travel fosters the variety of traits and skills necessary for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders to be not just successful, but legendary. I’ve learned firsthand how travel can greatly influence my business and I’ve watched how traveling – and a greater sense of adventure – can positively influence entrepreneurs from every walk of life.

Imagine, for a moment, what success in your business looks like.

Most entrepreneurs equate ease, freedom, spontaneity, indulgence, abundance, and the knowing that you no longer answer to anyone but yourself as the measures to success.

The typical traits of a successful businessperson – including entrepreneurs – often include: passion, tenacity, patience, flexibility, determination..and so much more!

Travel helps you cultivate these traits and begin to design a life you love, which naturally effects your growing business and savvy decision-making abilities.

6 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs Who Travel

1. Determination

Making the decision to take a trip is harder than most realize. A lot goes into making a clear and conscious decision. Your word, thoughts and actions must all align toward that one goal or purpose. Determination is necessary for successful entrepreneurs because it helps make definitive choices for their professional life, hopefully leading them to prosperity. Travel – even just deciding to take a trip – flexes those determination muscles.

2. Problem-Solving

Getting lost, losing your luggage, not speaking the language, asking for a refund… critical thinking skills (leave your telephone at home) are the foundation for executive problem-solving later on. Being able to think on your feet, create a solution or work with others to hash out a problem is a skill necessary in all aspects of life, not just business.

3. Adaptability

Business is a lot like the weather – every day is a little different and you must gauge your decisions on what’s happening not only that day but what you can predict into the future. Travel allows you to become more adaptable by immersing yourself into other cultures and traditions, opening your mind and heart to a variety of ways of being, living and working.

4. Networking

Any travel, but especially solo travel, gets you speaking to other people. Whether it’s the stewardess, TSA guard, fellow tourists you meet at the hotel, or locals you come in contact with in your wanderings, networking and face-to-face communication is consistently being refined. Relating and creating rapport allows you to thrive in business as you connect with clients or potential clients.

5. Risk-Taking

All business owners and entrepreneurs understand that risk-taking is a key component to going out on their own, away from the nine to five grind. Taking risks can be scary and often overwhelming, especially if you are not doing it on a regular basis. Travel works that risk-taking muscle, getting you out of your element and into a wide new world where the other traits – such as adaptability, determination and problem-solving – can occur.

6. Failure is a Fact of Life

You cannot avoid failure. As much as I wish failure weren’t such a large part of building your own business, it simply is. That being said, failure doesn’t need to derail you. Most failures require you to go back to the drawing board to redesign, revamp or fine tune aspects of the offer or service. Travel, as you may have guessed, allows failure to occur in a variety of ways. This ultimately allows you to become accustomed to failure – whether it’s small or big – and not take it personally. To overcome the fear of failure, travel!

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