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Making over your closet can be super fun, but what about your fridge? For women who want their best bodies and health, a fridge makeover is absolutely essential to fitness goals. This week, I’m sharing how to get the most out of your fridge – an important ally on your journey to your most healthy life.

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Get Started By…

Replacing High-Sugar Drinks with Sparkling Water

We all know water is a crucial part to any healthy lifestyle, but breaking the sugar habit can often be hard. Adding sparkling water to your fridge can be a great way to entice your taste buds as you transition out of your sugar high. Bonus tip: add fresh fruit to the water for a little flavor without the negative side effects.

Replacing Candy with Fresh Fruit

Speaking of fresh fruit, throwing out processed sweets and unhealthy candy is a must for a happy and healthy fridge. Adding fresh fruit as a sweet treat to your diet is a healthy way to get a sweet fix without hurting your waistline.

Replacing Fatty Meats with Lean Meats & Poultry (Or Vegetarian Varieties)

Protein is a vital component to a healthy eating plan, but fatty meats only cause problems down the line. Pork bacon can be replaced with turkey bacon, heavy meats can be replaced with chicken or fish. Avoiding sausage, hot dogs and highly-processed deli meat can also improve your nutrition. Not into meat? Tofu, tempeh, and a variety of vegetables and beans contain the protein you need for energy everyday.

Replacing Bleached Flour with Whole Grains or Gluten-Free Choices

White breads and pastas provide very little in nutrition. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads fill you up but are low on the Glycemic Index, helping stabilize your blood sugar sooner than bleached flour products. If you can’t stomach gluten, try the many gluten-free options on the market today (but again, be careful for added fillers and always choose organic).

Tips to Keep the Momentum Going

Now that you’ve cleaned out your fridge – and understand which good-for-you foods will fill you up without adding extra pounds – the key is to keep the momentum going! I know how great it feels to finish a massive project like cleaning out your fridge or closet, but don’t let it go back to what it was a week or two later.

Tip #1: Do a quick cleaning once per week

Staying on top of your nutrition and healthy lifestyle requires discipline, especially in the beginning. Once that new behavior becomes a habit, it’s a little bit easier to stay in the flow. Until then, focus on a quick cleaning at least once a week, spending time organizing your food and fridge so it stays clean and tidy.

Tip #2: Make a shopping tear-sheet

Instead of creating a new list every week, create a simple document with all the healthy foods you want to eat regularly. Print out a few copies and every time you head to the store, bring it along. It’s guaranteed you’ll stick to a healthy lifestyle and it’s super easy!

Tip #3: Avoid unhealthy leftovers

Dinner parties are one of my favorite things, but sometimes my guests bring dishes or appetizers that aren’t always healthy. Leftovers do happen and though I appreciate the gesture, I typically politely divide up what’s left over to all the guests or simply insist that whatever was brought go home with the person who brought it. Indulging isn’t a problem, it’s allowing multiple indulgences to occur over many days that breaks me of my good eating habits. Avoiding unhealthy options when I can keeps me on track, and hopefully you too!

Interested in healthy eating that tastes good? Check out my weekly PiYo meal plans for some delicious inspiration!

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