did you know I built my entire online business in only 10 hours a week? Would you like to know exactly how I did that?

xo, lindsey


To empower like-minded, budding entrepreneurs to create a fitness and health business that they are proud of; to give them the tools, training and support to reach their personal goals, as well as encourage and develop, everyone around them.

We Do.



No one gets left behind. Whether you need a good kick in the pants to do your workout or if you are struggling to find the most innovative way to use social media for your new business, we are here. You are inner circle now, babe.



We are not fitness experts, nutritionists, or perfectionists. By all means, eat the birthday cupcake. When you spend your days lifting up others towards a fitter, healthier life, you naturally make better choices. We encourage and support you and you do the same for others, it’s a winning formula.



If you have a desire to lead others, work from home, and make fitness your business, you have come to the right place. The foundation of this is we help you, you help them. Pay it forward and build a legacy, all because you had the courage to change your life.



Use those art, writing, and photography skills to build a brand and find people who are excited to work with you. Together we will create a working strategy to draw in the online audience that will launch your business.

The only pre-requisite to coaching is HEART. If you have a genuine love of people and want to learn and grow into these four skills, we can get you there.


It’s not what we do,
But who we are.

I mean let’s get real, it’s not what you do but who you do it with that makes it all worthwhile.

When I set out to create my fit tribe, I used the mantra “If you build it, they will come.”

I imagined a group of creative, inspired people who wanted more out of life than the 9-5. Brave men and women who didn’t know how they would do it, but they were determined to figure it out. And we’d have a blast in the process.

Today, we are over 10,000 people strong. We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, nomads, straight laced and fancy free. We share everything. We will pour our heart and soul into anyone who has the desire to build this legacy with us.


Hi! I’m Lindsey Catarino, the Team Sweet Elite Founder.

I didn’t set out to create a tribe of entrepreneurs; my only goal was NOT to look like a fat cow in my wedding dress.

I hadn’t worked out in over 10 years. Each year I gained a few more inches of belly bulge and a lot less interest in the gym. No one was going to roll me out to pasture but I also didn’t wear a single shirt without yanking it in the mirror and wishing it would miraculously lay flat. It never did.

My fiancé-to-be bought a copy of P90X off Craigslist and lovingly left it for me before he deployed to Iraq. I got the hint.

To his surprise, and more importantly MINE, I did that workout all 90 days he was gone. And though I wasn’t swimsuit model ready yet, I rocked that mermaid dress at our wedding.

So where does the tribe of entrepreneurs come in?

Well, as life would have it, I got a makeover I didn’t ask for. My husband was injured in Iraq and our world came crashing down. Our stable two income household became one income and if I didn’t find a way to make extra income fast, we were not going to be able to pay our basic bills for survival.

There are times in your life where you are not equipped at all but some how you pull up your bootstraps and do it anyway.

There I was – an awkward, still pudgy, deathly shy accountant with little time and no skills related to online marketing or fitness trying to help people workout and build businesses. Though this sounds like a recipe for disaster, in the wreckage I found my calling.

Soon Team Sweet Elite was born and we were on FIRE.

We had no idea what we were doing but we knew WHY WE WERE DOING IT. We got fitter, we started getting others fitter, and then many of us were becoming financially free because of it. How is this possible? We created a strategy, a fool proof strategy that anyone can apply, and everyone was using it.

Today, anyone who has the heart to apply what we teach you and the desire to lock arms with us and join our movement can succeed. And it all started because my fat rolls wouldn’t fit into a mermaid wedding dress for a groom I never stayed married to.

Thank God there was a greater purpose at play.

xo, lindsey

“Lindsey inspires me so much! She has a huge team, but if I privately message her she finds the time to answer my question or help me out. That’s amazing! She makes time for me. I have never had someone help as much as she has.”


Kayleen Kemp

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Why do we do this?

The benefits of coaching are almost endless. The most important part of this journey though is how it’s going to transform you from the inside out. As your mentor, I believe you will feel….



Work when you want, where you want, as little or as much as your want, you call the shots. Imagine creating your own schedule and never compromising what’s important to you. No need to ask the boss, you’re it.



Reignite your passion for life and work. Find the synergy between being inspired and loving what you do. Genuine excitement to help others and pay it forward.



Achieve your personal fitness and health goals. Love the person you see in the mirror. Learn new skills and find pride in yourself again. Get control of your finances and your habits.



Feel a part of something special. Meet new friends. Discover like-minded people who want to lift you up and support you in your goals and dreams.

We believe that the only true measure of success is not just money
but the joy you feel inside and the freedom you have to pursue your passions.

We believe that the only true measure of success is not just money but the joy you feel inside and the freedom you have to pursue your passions.

“I retired myself from a 12-year middle school math teaching career. We retired my husband. We bought our forever home. We are both able to enjoy the entire summer together as a family. We travel more. We worry less. We have grown so much and feel blessed to help others.”


Karri Legault

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Why Not YOU?

How to Get Started

01. Application

Fill out our application and set up your informational interview or join a live group webinar. Get all of your questions answered and make the right decision for you.

02. Game Plan

Share with us your fitness and financial goals. Make a clear game plan so you know exactly what it takes to reach them. Either pay a one time fee of $39.95 or purchase a product pack that waives your coaching sign up fee. Your choice.

03. Your Training Tools

Get a copy of your 2018 Sweet Elite team planner which has everything you need in your hands to succeed in your new virtual business. Login to our team only training site and start learning the ropes of your new role as coach.

There is no better time than now to take a leap of faith and build the life of your dreams. You’ll never know if it will work unless you try.
Why not you? It’s as easy as 1.2.3.

The Promise

01. We will get you to your fitness goals.

02. We will teach you everything you need to know and how to do it.

03. We will train you to find qualified, excited customers.

04. We will give you a time management strategy that actually delivers results.

05. We will pass on our best practices and lessons from a long history of successful coaches, you won’t have to figure this out on your own.

Giving Back

Let’s make the world a better place together.

In addition to our effort to end the trend of obesity and promote healthier living, we are committed to a healthier planet too.  Team Sweet Elite and our founder, Lindsey, will celebrate your success by paying it forward.

For every rank advancement on our team, one pound of trash will be pulled out of our oceans through the work of 4Oceans. You can feel good about growing with us and the difference we are making in the world!

“I started coaching when I worked full time outside of the home and was also taking classes for my job. I was very concerned I wouldn’t be able to be a coach too because I was so busy. The team and Lindsey taught me how I could do this in reasonable hours – that I could decide how much to work depending on my goals, and gave me the tools to help me do that. Now I am a full time coach but also am also a mom who gets to enjoy the luxury of staying home with my beautiful daughter and these same tips help me balance life today and stay successful in my business.”


Whitney Delong

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We are excited to get to know you, and more importantly,
for you to get to know us. Let’s see if this is a good match for all of us.

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What started as one girl who simply wanted to feel confident in her own skin again has turned into a whole new life. It’s your turn to rewrite your story.

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