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We are a community of digital entrepreneurs redefining how you can live your healthiest life and never see an office cubicle again.

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The Sweet Elite

It all started as one girl with a dream and now we are here with Team Sweet Elite. I didn’t set out to create a tribe of entrepreneurs; my only goal was NOT to look like a fat cow in my wedding dress. Today, anyone who has the heart to apply what we teach you and the desire to lock arms with us and join our movement can succeed. We are over 10,000 people strong. We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, nomads, straight laced and fancy free. We share everything. We will pour our heart and soul into anyone who has the desire to build this legacy with us.

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So, you want to know more about Beachbody?  Well, you’re in luck.  I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this amazing company that has changed millions of lives. Beachbody is a leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs that...

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