Praise from Team Sweet Elite

“I started coaching when I worked full time outside of the home and was also taking classes for my job. I was very concerned I wouldn’t be able to be a coach too because I was so busy. The team and Lindsey taught me how I could do this in reasonable hours – that I could decide how much to work depending on my goals, and gave me the tools to help me do that. Now I am a full time coach but also am also a mom who gets to enjoy the luxury of staying home with my beautiful daughter and these same tips help me balance life today and stay successful in my business.”

Whitney Delong – Braselton, GA

“[The best part is] the community.


You become a member of this team, and you end up with a bunch of new friends and a mentor who believes in you, will work to help you grow, and who cares.”


Alicia Barksdale – Savannah, GA

“I retired myself from a 12-year middle school math teaching career.

We retired my husband. We bought our forever home. We are both able to enjoy the entire summer together as a family. We travel more. We worry less. We have grown so much and feel blessed to help others.”


Karri LeGault – Leominster, MA


“The best thing about working on the Sweet Elite team is how easy it is to get answers, training, inspiration, and motivation for my business.”


Amanda Shoemaker – Atlanta, GA

“Having a huge support system to help encourage me to be the overall best version of myself [is the best part].

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They encourage me to work on me first and to pay it forward.”


Sara Lucas – Marysville, OH


“Lindsey doesn’t just sit idly by. She runs training groups, weekly team calls, answers questions on the team page AND her personal page. She’s invested in the success of everyone on the team.”


Amy Smullen – Bartlett, NH

“Having spent well over a decade working with hundreds -if not thousands- of Network Marketing Professionals in a myriad of specialties I knew that Lindsey was one of a select few who would leave an undeniable impression on everyone around her. She develops state of the art systems for duplication that she shares openly with her Sweet Elite team. She focuses on people with love and conviction. She has built her business and team around values that are overwhelmingly positive and her viral success shows how it is not just about her but anyone who joins her.

Nathan Farnsworth – Orem, UT


“Lindsey is always learning and growing, so she can teach us. She hasn’t stopped her business because she’s in the Millionaires Club; she wakes up and works her business just like we do.”


Carla Cunningham-Nuñez – Staten Island, NY

“Before joining this team, I was very depressed. I’d lost two friends suddenly, and my son was diagnosed with autism. My world was falling apart around me. This team has not only filled a hole in my heart, it has taught me how to be me again. This business has helped pay for my son’s therapies and our household utility bills. We have also paid off one of our cars. Life-changing is the word!.


Mindy Sysongdeth – Stewartsville, NJ


“It’s about friendship. [Lindsey] treats people like people. Not like a number or a rank, but as a friend.”


Jessica Bodin – Kernersville, NC

“I’m constantly impressed by how Lindsey handles problems. When people come at her with negativity or complaints, she is compassionate and empathic… but she is also REAL. She gives tough love when it’s needed most..


Stephanie Petersen – Reno, NV

“My health is the best it has been in 20 years and just continues to get better. My mindset is completely different than it was when I began. This amazing [Sweet Elite] family has supported me unconditionally through the hills and valleys of my journey, and I would not be where I am today without there love and support. I am extremely blessed to be a part of this team.”


Becky Klaff

“Being on this team has allowed me to continue to stay home with my kids while allowing me a way to contribute to our family’s income. For the first time since I decided to walk away from my [full-time] job, I am not as worried about money. I am able to see how this is a viable way to continue to stay home with my kids..


Jamie Hund – Mechanicsburg, PA

“Lindsey inspires me so much! She has a team of over 8,000 people, but if I privately message her she finds the time to answer my question or help me out. That’s amazing! She makes time for me. I have never had someone help as much as she has.”


Kayleen Kemp – Lake Hughes, CA

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