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With summer still going strong, it’s high time you invested in a new pair of shades, but how do you know which sunglasses will work best with your face shape? Finding the right pair of sunglasses for face shapes of all sizes is a very important to-do!

Today I’m sharing my favorite sunglass shopping tips and helping you look your best for those warm months ahead.

Finding Your Face Shape

Before we can do any shopping it’s important to know what your face shape is. Not every pair of sunglasses works on every face. In fact, there are several designs that are created with certain face shapes in mind.

Grab a hand mirror (or use your bathroom mirror) to outline your face shape with a mirror marker or tube of lipstick. The majority of faces fall into one of these four shapes: heart, round, oval or square.

An even more accurate way to know your face shape is to take measurements. Grab your Beachbody tape measure and take these four measurements for ultimate accuracy: cheekbone to cheekbone, jaw line (from the ends of each jawbone and around the chin), face length, and forehead width (hairline to hairline).

Once you know your face shape you can more easily find the best sunglasses to suit not only your unique style but physical features as well.

Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

Face Shape: Oval

Since an oval face is typically more long than wide, oval shaped faces look best in just about any style of sunglasses especially square or round frames. You’ll want to keep the size of the sunglasses in mind – proportions do matter when it comes to finding the right size shades!

Best shades for your face type: retro square, aviator, oversized round

Face Shape: Square

With a strong jaw, wide forehead and wide cheek-bones, square faces tend to do best with soft lines or rimless edges. Avoid pointed edges or sharp, extravagant features.

Best shades for your face type: round, aviator, shield

Face Shape: Round

Round faces are more narrow at the forehead and jawline, with the widest area at the cheekbones. To offset the roundness consider angular frames.

Best shades for your face type: retro square, cat eye, square

Face Shape: Heart (Also called Triangle)

Your jaw naturally narrows while your forehead and cheekbones stay relatively the same length. Sunglasses that mimic this shape are best for your face.

Best shades for your face type: retro square, cat eye, sport

Face Shape: Rectangle

Is your face more long and narrow with less angles? You may have a rectangle, or oblong, face shape. Adding width to the face is easy when you wear frames that are a little thicker than your typical aviator.

Best shades for your face type: wayfarer, square, wrap, rectangle

Your turn: do you have a favorite sunglass designer? Share in the comments below – I’m always on the lookout for a great new pair of shades!

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